Aleksandr Orlov is very high class and is the dedicated founder of compare the

Aleksander was born on 28th November. He has also said is birthday is on 30th November it is unclear which of these two dates is his actual birthday.

He lives and works in Moscow, where many generations of his family have thrived.

His greatest grandfather, Vitaly, fought in the Meerkat Mongoose war of 1728.

His grandparents survived the Furry Terror of 1921.

It is for honour of his family and meerkats all over the world that he made

However, recently, this great ambition has been made look foolish by people looking for a cheap deal on their car insurance. People who are looking

Meerkat. Market. A son of mongoose could tell the difference!

His administration and hosting costs have reached sky heights. And, instead of celebrating Meerkats, He is having to deal with inquiries about fire damage cover for a "sporty hatchback". Aleksandr has a miniature diamond collection consisting of 74 diamonds. He once lost them all but Segei found them in the space of just 3 days.

Physical appearance

According to Sergei Aleksandr looks like Chewbacca the Wookie from Star Wars. Aleksandr usually wears a smoking jacket that was claw-stitched by a tailor in Marrakesh and it is very expensive. Either the same or a different smoking jacket of his was made by a tailor in Markayev. He has also said his smoking jacket was made by a tailor in Moscow. At school Aleksandr was one of the tallest Meerpups in the class.


When Aleksandr has pancakes he fills them with 23 chocolate grubs and a drizzle of beetle juice. As he eats a lot of pancakes Aleksandr sometimes suffers from very large stomach pains. Aleksandr thinks he is quite similar to Colin Firth with the exception of his grasp of the english language. However he has also said he speaks perfect English, Russian, Cockney, and Geordie. He learnt English by listening to a cassete tape and after 3 months he had a good grasp of the language. Aleksandr says he is a master of the snowboard and that his signature move is the meer-tail. Aleksandr has taken to watching The Inbetweeners after hearing that one of the Inbetweeners Jay Cartwright had used his catchphrase "Simples". Aleksandr hates Mongoose as they have caused his ancestors trouble for ages and says there is more chance of seeing a flying pig than Mongoose and Meerkats becoming friends. Aleksandr likes swimming and says he's an expert in front crawl and back stroke. Aleksandr enjoys the movie Titanic and says when Jack has a cold bath at the end it always brings a watery droplet to his eye. Aleksandr has said he does quite a good salsa dance which sends tingles down the spine. Aleksandr claims to have excellent tennis skill. Aleksandr enjoys watching Knight rider.

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