Sergei is very old. It is difficult to date him exactly, but I estimate him no less than 77.

He used to be head of principal design group for Soviet Space Program during the 1980s. He personally design the Mir(kat) Space Station!

Now his career has reached new height working for


Sergei is very interested in computers hence the reason he has a job involving them. At some point a solar flare was going to happen with the potential to cut some power on Earth which worried Sergei indicating he very much enjoys using computers. Sergei would like a pet Goldfish but Alkesandr doesn't see a point as Sergei has worms. For Christmas 2010 Aleksandr gave Sergei a Tetris themed mouse mat which he was rather pleased with. Sergei isn't a very good shot according to Aleksandr and Aleksandr defeated him once in a snowball fight. According to Aleksandr Sergei has a habit of leaving things in a strange places as Aleksandr once found Sergei's glasses in a microwave. Sergei enjoys watching Casualty and says it is the best NHS documentary he has ever seen. Sergei is good at swimming but only with armbands. Sergei can also ride a bike but needs to use stabilisers. Sergei sometimes lies such as one time he claimed to have invented the egg whisk and on another occasion was awarded a medal for beating NASAkats to the moon but the medal was taken away when they found out he had faked it in his garage. Sergei wil sometimes cheat in games to win such as programming the computer so he has an unfair advantage. Sergei isn't a fan of social networking sites and prefers to spend his time on the computer trying to beat Aleksandr's Tetris score but Aleksandr doesn't think he will. Sergei can very fixated on somthing he's trying to do. An example is when he was working on the Isimples app for the Iphone he locked himself in the lab for a week to work on it. Sergei is rather uncontrollable with a rifle even more so than a Mongoose with a sharpened pencil. Sergei is known to use quite a lot of water when showering and sometimes uses all the hot water. Sergei is a terrible singer and according to Aleksandr sounds like a broken fog horn.

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